Touches of Teal

Even though spring is not technically here yet…touches of it are making their way into our house.  I love the changing of the seasons, and the bright new blooms and colors that spring promises!  One of my favorite colors for spring is teal.  These lovely green/blue colors always catch my eye, and feel so fresh […]

$10 Valentine’s Day Table Fun

This year for Valentine’s day I wanted to create a fun and inexpensive table for our family dinner.  My kids love Valentine’s day and have been really excited about it this year, so I wanted to do something fun!   I went to the Dollar Tree and found some fun things to create my tablescape […]

Spread A Little Love

Happy February!!  It’s the month of love…although the stores have had red and pink heart covered everything, out since the beginning of January 😉 Valentine’s day is a fun, fluffy holiday that breaks up the cold winter months until spring gets here…which sometimes here in Ohio can take a while.  I’ve never taken Valentines day […]

Easy DIY Yarn Wrapped Hearts

I think Valentine’s day comes at the perfect time to break up a little of the dreariness, that post-Christmas January always seems to bring.  And who doesn’t love a little candy and flowers?!?  I know I wouldn’t say no to either 😉  I don’t usually go all out and decorate for Valentine’s day- but I […]

2018 Decor Trends

Home decor, like fashion- is always changing and evolving into what is the next big trend.  And like in fashion, you should take what you like from what the pros say is trendy in home decor, and leave the rest.  Your home should be a place you feel comfortable in, no matter what the experts […]

DIY Winter Hoop Wreath

I love finding new ways to use old things…and these embroidery hoop wreaths that I’ve been seeing all over- inspired me to create my own.  I love the simplicity of the hoop wreaths- and total bonus…they don’t need a lot on them to look lovely.  So less greenery you have to buy to get this […]