Sunday Snippets

Thanksgiving is this Thursday!!  Are you hosting this year or going to family or friends for dinner?  We are very blessed to live within 15 minutes of my parents and my in-laws, so we have never hosted Thanksgiving…which is really just fine by me.  But whether you are hosting or going somewhere for the big […]

Vintage Market Days Fun

I must admit- I love me some craft fairs, flea markets or even a good garage sale now and then.  It’s always fun to see what people create or find someone’s old junk that is just the treasure you’ve been searching for.  I found the most amazing world globe at Goodwill one time…for $3.00!!!  I […]

Designer or Decorator?!?!

I will admit to cringing a little on the inside when people refer to me as a “Decorator” instead of a Designer….although I try not to let it show on my face, since I realize that most people don’t realize that those two words are not interchangeable.  Although let me be clear here- being a […]