Sunday Snippets

Velvet is a very rich and luxurious fabric.  Most people think it’s too fancy or stuffy for everyday use, but the way it’s being incorporated into home decor lately might just change your mind.  Designer’s and home decor enthusiasts alike are using velvet in unexpected places, and pairing small velvet touches with a more modern […]

Fall Wreath DIY

Changing up the wreath on your front door is an easy way to add a little fall warmth to your front porch.  I love changing my front door decor- with the change in seasons.  And although you can find some lovely wreaths in stores…it’s a lot of fun and easy to create your own unique wreaths. […]

Sunday Snippet’s

The world is not a perfect place.  I sometimes wish it was for the little people I am trying to raise to be good, kind humans…but it is not. This week my heart was heavy as I heard of the events that took place in Charlottesville, and then how quickly things blew-up on social media- […]

Gray~ the new neutral

When you think neutral paint, you probably think of a variety of shades of beige paint chips (at least I do!).  Not to exciting- but easy to coordinate, and a good way to add a little bit of “color” to your walls- when you don’t want to actually put a color on your wall.  But […]