Easy DIY Fall Table Centerpiece

I love a good dining table centerpiece….they can really make a table shine!¬† But I’m also pretty busy (like I know most of us are) so I don’t always change my table decor for every holiday/season…*gasp!* ūüėȬ† And while I love Halloween- I don’t really decorate the inside of my home for it, so I […]

Fall Wreath DIY

Changing up the wreath on your front door is an easy way to add a little fall warmth to your front porch. ¬†I love changing my front door decor-¬†with the change in seasons. ¬†And although you can find some lovely wreaths in stores…it’s a lot of fun and easy to create your own unique wreaths. […]

Fun & Easy DIY Magnets

I love organizational stuff for your home or office…although looking at my work space you wouldn’t know it. ¬†But those cute little shaped post-it notes, brightly colored calendars, cute jars to hold all your fun colored paper clips, and tape dispensers shaped like shoes grab my attention every time I pass them in a store. […]