Fall Wreath DIY

Changing up the wreath on your front door is an easy way to add a little fall warmth to your front porch.  I love changing my front door decor- with the change in seasons.  And although you can find some lovely wreaths in stores…it’s a lot of fun and easy to create your own unique wreaths. You just need a few supplies, a hot glue gun and little inspiration!


Wreath Supplies:

1 Grape vine wreath (available at most craft stores)

Burlap ribbon/runner

Gossypium pods/cotton stems

Greenery stems

Burlap peony flowers- 3 (Hobby Lobby)

Small decorative chalkboard (Hobby Lobby)

Chalk pen

Hot glue gun





First off I divided my greenery and attached half of it sweeping upwards on the left side of the wreath.  Then attached the rest of the greenery sweeping down in the opposite direction.  I stuck the stems into the grapevine wreath and then hot glued them into place.  Once the greenery was attached, I wrapped the burlap ribbon around the middle of where the stems met- to hide them and have a place to attach the other flowers later.  Next I stuck and glued the Gossypium pods around the greenery, until I liked how it look.  Really technical I know 😉

Next I attached the burlap flowers on top of the burlap ribbon I had wrapped around the greenery stems.  The burlap ribbon I used was loosely woven- so I took scissors and poked holes in it for the stems to fit into, so they wouldn’t show.  I hot glued them into place as well.  Them I wrote “hello fall” on my little chalk board and glued it onto the wreath as well.  The chalkboard had a wire hangar on it, which I cut in half (since I wasn’t going to hang it, and I didn’t like how it looked sticking up).  I then twisted the wire around one of the left-over stems to curl them, and mimic the curled grapevines on the wreath. And voila!  I have a new fall look for my door.



I really liked the way it turned out!  The earthy tones are a fun twist on fall decor, and not completely expected.  And that fun little chalkboard can be erased and re-written with “Thankful” or “Gratitude” as we get closer to November, so no need to change your wreath until the Christmas season.  Design that is pretty, and economical- score!




For more fall DIY wreath inspirations check out my Pinterest page here.  Happy crafting friends!!!

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