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This is the second Christmas we’ve been in our new house…and I’m changing up our Christmas decor a little this year.  Nothing major, but I am going with a more neutral pallet this time around…and I’m loving it!! Don’t get me wrong- I love color, and over the years my Christmas decor has been very colorful…both with traditional and non-traditional color schemes.  But this year I am really enjoying the cozy and calming neutral Christmas decor in my home.



Sarah over at Grace In My Space, has some great farm-house inspired neutral Christmas inspirations for your space…and all under $35!!!  I ran right out after reading her blog post to grab a few of those 3′ and 4′ flocked trees from Walmart.  Total deal…and so cute!!  Check out her blog post here– she is a really talented lady, and has some lovely ideas to create some cozy neutral decor for your space this holiday season.

How are you decorating your space for the holidays??  Do you go traditional or with a non-traditional color scheme for your Christmas decor?

Happy Sunday friends!!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Snippets

  1. The flocked trees at your home are gorgeous!!!! I am going to go snag some for my porch (assuming you didn’t buy them all). All the decor you have out for Christmas is absolutely stunning ❤️!!

    1. That is so kind of you to say…you just made my day friend! Thank you so much!! And I only bought 3- so you should be good 😉

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