My Simple & Cozy Holiday Home Tour

Merry Christmas!!!  Welcome to my simple & cozy holiday home tour-  I’m excited to share my Christmas decor with you all.  So snuggle up, grab some hot chocolate and enjoy!



This is our second Christmas in this home, and after living here for over a year now- I had a better idea of how I wanted it to look for Christmas this year.  I love color, and in years past I have always had a lot of color in my Christmas decor.  Both traditional and non-traditional color schemes.  But this year I wanted to go with a more neutral palette, with natural and rustic touches…and I’m really loving it!  It feels really cozy and calming to me- which is wonderful for this time of year 😉



I’m not done with my foyer yet…but we have this balcony railing overlooking the foyer, that was just begging for a little lighted garland.



I love this little shelf in my foyer!  You can see it when you walk in the front door, and from the upstairs hallway and stairs…and it’s so much fun to decorate!











This area of our home gets a lot of love from my family.  After school its covered with backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes and coats.  Even though we have a closet for these things right by the garage door where they come in…or that I remind them every day to put them in there 🙂  Anyone else have this problem??



I have been loving all the scroll signs I’ve been seeing in holiday decor this year…so I decided to make my own.  I really like how it turned out!





I love this corner of my dining room, especially when the tree lights are on!




For my dining room table I wanted to go simple and use things that I already had.  I love the different textures of the greenery, wood ornaments, candles and glass from the mason jars, all together.  I also used more of the brown packing paper to create a scroll inspired table runner.







This is my decor assistant….who mostly just follows me around and naps.  But he’s pretty cute, so I’ll keep him 🙂  And those ears….!!



Thanks so much for joining me on my simple and cozy holiday home tour!  I hope you enjoyed it and found a little holiday inspiration along the way.  Hope you have a wonderful holiday season friends!!

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  1. My friend! I love how simple and elegant your decor is; I also love that you aren’t afraid of color. Beautiful job my friend!

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