Simple & Rustic Holiday Porch Decor

Decorating your porch for the holidays is a fun way to bring your decor style outdoors…and it helps to create a warm and welcoming entrance to your home.  This year since my Christmas decor inside is more neutral and rustic, and my front door is a bright color- I went with a similar look for my porch decor.  I really like how it turned out, and with its more neutral/winter wonderland feel, I may just leave it up past Christmas!  Don’t judge me… 🙂



Most of these pieces I already had, so it was just a matter of setting things up how I had seen it in my head.  The lovely flocked trees I found at Wal-Mart.  They are 3 and 4 foot trees and only $12 and $18 dollars each!!!  They also come with the base already wrapped in burlap- so cute!



I knew I wanted to add some texture with birch logs- but they can be hard to find and pricey.  So I googled it and found out that my local Home Depot has cut birch logs -12 pieces in a bag for $8.96.  Sold!!



These fun glass gallon jugs, I got from a friends mom who was cleaning out her garage.  She called me up and was like “my mom’s getting rid of these glass jars and I thought of you!”  Sometimes it pays for people to know you are a hoarder of crafty/decor type things.



This wreath I found at JoAnns last Christmas, but didn’t end up using.  This year I wrapped some burlap around the top of the wreath and tied a bow so it could hang on my front door.  It’s really simple, but I love the smaller size and all the texture it has, with the pine cones and burlap!



The turquoise lanterns and metal olive buckets are from Hobby Lobby…..surprised, right?!? 😉  The door mat and rug underneath it, are from Hobby Lobby as well.



The wooden crates are from JoAnns- but you can find them lots of places.  I just stained and aged the crates, so they would look used/worn.



So there you have it!  Not super fancy, but I love the way it looks and how it sets the tone for our home, before you even step through the door.  Although to be perfectly honest with you- today all the SNOW covering my porch sets a slightly chiller tone than it did last week, when I took these pictures 🙂

Stay warm out there friends!!

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