English Toffee ~ A Easy Holiday Treat!

One of my first jobs was working at a chocolate/candy store at the mall.  We were allowed to sample the chocolates for free while on our shift…wahoo!!!  The owners philosophy was that we should know what it tasted like, and that after a while, we would get tired of eating it.  This is sadly very true…smelling chocolate day in and day out, may sound like a dream- but it gets old after a while.  Not wanting to eat chocolate?!?!  It’s what nightmares are made of…..but seriously!!  Occasionally when the mood would strike though, I could be talked into a piece of their delicious English Toffee.  I loved that stuff!  But I figured it was hard to make, and so over the years I never ate it, unless I found it at a fancy candy store…until 2 years ago when my life was changed, forever 😉

I came across this recipe from Brit + Co. for English Toffee, while searching the web for Holiday treat ideas.  You guys….it’s really so easy to make this stuff, and it looks super impressive and tastes even better!!!  The only special tool you need is a candy thermometer- and lucky for me, my mom had one that I totally commandeered for the cause.  Don’t worry though, we have an arrangement now- I make her candy, and her candy thermometer lives with me. It’s really, win-win!

So if you’re looking for a yummy and quick Holiday treat to delight your family & friends (or just yourself- you’ll have no judgement’s here 🙂 ) you should totally check this recipe out.

What Christmas goodies do you make every year??  I’d love some new ideas!

Happy baking friends!!

2 thoughts on “English Toffee ~ A Easy Holiday Treat!

  1. I was blessed to receive some of this toffee for Christmas and you aren’t kidding about the deliciousness of it!! Make it! You’ll be happy you did and so will your taste buds! Plus it looks fancy and impressive to share……

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