Easy Winter Decor Ideas

I love decorating for Christmas, and I am a little sad every January to pack everything back up and put all the twinkle lights away.  The house always feels a little bare for the first few days after I take everything down.  But to be honest with you (shhh…don’t tell anyone 😉 ) I have never decorated my home for “winter” after I take all the Christmas stuff down before.  I just put all my regular decor back out. **Gasp!!**  I know…crazy right?!?  Well this year that all changed, and I wanted to share a few quick and easy ways you can “winterize” your decor to make your home feel a little more cozy this winter.

Elements to my wintry decor:

~ Neutral color pallet, with a few pops of soft wintry blues and blush tones

~ Add a little more color with flocked trees, greenery & wreaths

~ Add warm tones thru birch logs, cut wood pieces, wood trays, baskets, wooden decor beads, twine etc.

~ Add softness with textured and/or fuzzy blankets & pillows

~ Utilize what you already have in your space



For my front door I removed the Christmas lights, but left my cute little flocked tree out for some wintry flare.  I also replaced my Holiday mat with this simple “Hello” mat from Hobby Lobby.  Only $12 with a coupon…yay!!!



For my foyer I added this wooden and metal basket under my table, and put this lovely blush blanket I got for Christmas in it- to add some softness.  I love the soft touch of color the blanket adds.  I swapped out my nativity set, but left my little flocked tree out for some greenery.  Because they are so cute, I wanted to leave them out a little longer 🙂  I also re-purposed the candle holders from my Christmas mantel to coordinate with my letter board message.  I love this little reminder to be kind to others every day.



I love the contrast between the rustic texture of the basket and the soft woven blanket.  And I love that blush color!  It’s a big color trend in decor right now, and while I wouldn’t want a whole room in that color- I love having a pop of it in my foyer.  So cozy!!



My kitchen table also got a little wintry decor with this lovely little tray I found at Home Goods for $12.99!  I love that store…but for the sake of my husband and budget, I can’t go in there too often.  But everything in the tray I had already…so it’s okay, right?!?  I also piled these wool pom-poms I had bought for Christmas, into the mason jar to add some softness and warmth.  I also love that it’s all-in-one and easy to remove from the table for little people’s projects, homework or dinner.  Win-win!!



For my pie safe I used things I already had, and continued with the same neutral color scheme with some pops of aqua/blue, and natural textures to add a little warmth and interest.  I love the softness of the lamb’s ear floral stems, and it’s wintry coloring.




And although I know an antique fan isn’t really wintry decor…but I love the color of this little fan- so we’re just going with it 😉

Creating some cozy wintry decor for your space doesn’t have to cost much, or take a ton of time.  Just look around your home and use what you have.  A few soft touches like blankets, pillows, pom-poms, etc. along with some natural elements like birch logs, wooden baskets/trays, greenery, etc. will help you to create that cozy feel for your own space!

For more winter inspired decor, check out my Winter Decor Pinterest board here.

Stay cozy sweet friends!!

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  1. My house did feel a bit empty as well after putting away all the Christmas decor. Your post was really helpful as I am still struggling sith the concept of ‘winter decor’. Thanks 🙂

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