Easy DIY Yarn Wrapped Hearts

I think Valentine’s day comes at the perfect time to break up a little of the dreariness, that post-Christmas January always seems to bring.  And who doesn’t love a little candy and flowers?!?  I know I wouldn’t say no to either 😉  I don’t usually go all out and decorate for Valentine’s day- but I do like to add a few touches of pinks and red to my decor.  It always helps adds a little cheer and whimsy to the house, during these cold winter days.  And these soft, yarn wrapped hearts where just the ticket!  They are so easy to make, I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.  Now I have all these ideas running around my head for yarn wrapped things…but for now we’ll just stick to the hearts.


Supplies you’ll need:

Yarn – any color and thickness (mine was a little on the thicker side)

1 piece of paper



Hot glue gun




I cut two different sized heart shapes out of the paper for a template.  Then I traced those hearts onto the cardboard, and cut them out.



Next I used a little bit of hot glue on one of the cardboard hearts to secure the yarn.  Then I just started wrapping the yarn around the cardboard, until it was all covered and I liked the way it looked.




I then hot glued the end piece of yarn to the back of the heart to secure it…and you’re done!!





This is such a quick and easy DIY to add a little Valentine’s day fun to your decor…without spending a lot of money.  I actually had all of these supplies in my craft stash!!  I know, you’re completely shocked…I get it 😉

Hope you have a fabulous day sweet friends!!


4 thoughts on “Easy DIY Yarn Wrapped Hearts

  1. So cute! I have seen these before but have never tried them. You’ve inspired me to add these to my Valentine’s decore. Something the kids would enjoy to help make too! Bonus😉 Thanks

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