Thanksgiving table decor on a budget

Decorating your space for every season is fun, but it can get a bit pricey sometimes- which is not any fun.  Big price tags don’t always mean better design, and there are lots of ways to decorate creatively on a budget…so I thought I would share my Thanksgiving table with you.  I mostly used things […]

Sunday Snippets

Everyone is pulling out the Christmas decor already (which is fine by me, no judgments here 😉 ) but before we can completely move on to Christmas, we must have Thanksgiving first!  So I’ve compiled a few fun, easy and creative ways you can decorate your space for the big turkey day! 1.  I love this […]

Statement Chandeliers

No matter what your style is, one of the keys to good design is to create a “collected” feel within the space.  What this means is- that even though you might have bought everything new and/or recently, the pieces in your space coordinate more than match exactly.  Using different and interesting pieces within your space […]

Sunday Snippets

Who doesn’t love a cute little succulent in a sweet tea-cup?!?!  Succulents are a fun trend in home decor right now…but not one of those trends I see going away anytime soon, so jump on the succulent train!  These cute little plants come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and lend themselves to any indoor […]

Sunday Snippets

Pink has been a big trend in home decor this year…but it’s not the fairy princess, bubble gum, baby girl pinks of your childhood past.  These pinks are a little more grown-up, with hints of peachy blush or rose-tinted tones.  And they aren’t showing up in full on pink rooms, it’s more subtle touches of […]

DIY Thankful fall sign tutorial

So does anyone else just enjoy wandering around the craft store when you are having a bad day…or really any day?!?  Just me??  Well now that my youngest in school all day- I have more free time to wander…without a smallish type person whining that I’m ruining their young life by making them be in […]